Flat Belly Diet

What is Flat Belly Diet?

s the name suggests, the aim of this diet is to flatten your belly by shedding pounds quickly.

It’s based on the theory that monounsaturated fatty acids, or MUFAs, target and destroy belly fat while promoting fullness and preventing overeating, according to the diet’s creators, former Prevention magazine editor Liz Vaccariello and registered dietitian Cynthia Sass. These plant-based fats are found in foods like nuts, seeds, chocolate, avocados and olive oil – and the “Flat Belly Diet” (Rodale, 2008) calls for a precisely specified serving at every meal and snack. Unlike saturated fats, which harden and clog the arteries, MUFAs keep blood vessels soft and pliable after digestion. By following the Flat Belly Diet, it’s suggested, a person can drop up to 15 pounds in 32 days and lose several inches of belly fat. In addition to emphasizing these healthy fats, the Flat Belly Diet is modeled after a Mediterranean eating approach. The key ingredients – fruits, veggies, legumes, whole grains, olive oil and fish – are thought to help keep weight off.

Pros & Cons

  • Tasty menu recipes
  • Abundant guidance and resources
  • Skimpy evidence that “good” fats are magic bullet
  • Fewer days of menus than other plans

How does Flat Belly Diet work?

Those following the Flat Belly Diet are allowed one MUFA serving with every meal and a daily intake of 1,600 calories, although dieters can tailor the plan to their age, gender and activity level. Though both men and women can follow Flat Belly, it’s geared toward a female audience – and women will likely favor the style of the book. There is, however, a separate book for men, “Flat Belly Diet! For Men;” the plans are nearly identical, but men get more calories. There are two parts to the diet: a four-day “anti-bloat” jumpstart, and a four-week eating plan. The initial four-day anti-bloat regimen is the most restrictive part of the program, capping daily calories at 1,200. Each day, you’ll have four 300-calorie meals that adhere to a rigid list of acceptable food and drink. Then comes the four-week eating plan. You’ll get three 400-calorie meals and one 400-calorie snack each day, and never go more than four hours without eating.

Link to Flat Belly Diet website : http://www.flatbellydiet.com/

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