Macrobiotic Diet

What is Macrobiotic Diet?

The focus of the macrobiotic diet is preventing disease and optimizing health. Food is among the most important influences on our health, and only when you find a diet that’s right for you can you achieve total well-being. The perfect plan will emphasize whole, “living” foods that balance your body while putting you in harmony with the world around you, and with the macrobiotic diet you’ll ward off and cure diseases – including heart disease, diabetes and even cancer, some proponents say – and live a healthy, happy, long life.

Pros & Cons

  • “Real” food emphasized
  • Filling
  • Lots of grunt work
  • Somewhat pricey

How does Macrobiotic Diet work?

There are many variations of the macrobiotic diet, which has been around for centuries and has adherents around the globe. Yours will be based on what your body “tells” you to eat. Most macrobiotic diets derive from a common menu, however. They’re essentially vegetarian (some nearly vegan) and emphasize natural, organically and locally grown, whole foods.

The desire to achieve inner balance is the driving force, according to “Modern-Day Macrobiotics,” a cookbook and guide to the macrobiotic lifestyle.. Whole, living food is thought to possess abundant energy, and where it grew and how it was prepared, among myriad other factors, affects how that energy will flow. When you eat, the energy is transferred to your body, changing the way you feel. Choosing carbs that are low on the glycemic index – a measure of a carb’s effect on blood sugar – as well as offsetting sodium intake with potassium, and acidic foods with alkaline foods, will also help you stay balanced and healthy.

A host of other rules may accompany the diet, depending on your approach. Principles may include eating only locally grown foods or consuming meals using specific cookware. Some approaches may recommend meditation, or include instruction on Buddhism and the Asian philosophy of yin and yang.

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