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Diet Plan Information: Blue Zone Diet

  What is the Blue Zone Diet? The Blue Zone Diet is one that is primarily vegetarian with 95 percent of daily caloric intake coming from plants. In many ways, it’s very similar to the Mediterranean diet plan in that it’s a whole food diet and vegetarian-based. While people on the Blue Zone diet eat […]


Diet Plan Information: Macrobiotic Diet

  What is the Macrobiotic Diet Plan? The macrobiotic diet plan is one that was developed in the 1920s by George Ohsawa. The main goal of the diet is to avoid any foods that contain toxins and to consume whole, locally-sourced foods. Many people who follow the macrobiotic diet are vegetarian or vegan as it […]


Diet Plan Information: Nordic Diet

  What is the Nordic Diet Plan? The Nordic diet plan suggests eating the food of the Nordic countries (Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden) which includes plenty of local vegetables and seafood. There is some debate on exactly what the Nordic diet plan consists of but the general consensus is that you should be consuming […]